Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Minecraft and Environmental Simulations at DiVE immersive Lab at Duke Univ.

Just over a month ago at Duke in the immersive lab, they had minecraft mapped in the immersive theater for live gaming. This is exactially what I was thinking about trying in the dome. Minecraft is being used in immersive education and they have just increased the immersiveness of this virtual world to the max, by utilizing the virtual world within the immersive theater. I am very impressed and would like to see this in the fulldome for educators soon. The possibilities are endless for this kind of technology in the dome. We already have the Unity game engine working in fulldome, its time to get the rest of this working in there too. DiVE is a six sided immersive theater at Duke used mostly for scientific visualizations. However, they do have a community outreach, where they open the lap to the public, sharing technology developed in the lab. They are interested in cognitive neuroscience research and education. This is something I would like to check out, and keep track of. DiVE Website: DiVE Projects: Also check out this cool project that used the DiVE lab at Duke. Its from 2007, but it is very cool project and use of the lab. Virtual Forest Yields Clues to Climate at Duke University Ideas are could create an immersive interactive game which teaches the gamer these issues. Would be so great to get students from local schools involved in collecting and using the data in these kinds of labs and visualization.

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