Friday, August 31, 2012

Skills needed for Fulldome digital media studies

(Reposted from my other blog (Field Journal) I wanted to start thinking about what is important, what is needed, what is required, what is the most basic skills students need to work in the FULLDOME. How do these skills build on each other and how do they compliment the final outcome of digital media production for the fulldome? Computer Skills and basic Fulldome 101 Skills 360 degree immersive software/hardware, projectors, monitors, networking, imaging Photography Skills Students must be able to create content and produce this from the most simple and basic levels like photography and video, transforming their productions into advanced fulldome mastered works. Animation Skills Students must be able to create animation content for use in fulldome productions to dome master specifications. Audio for the Fulldome immersive theater Students learn to create immersive 360 degree surround studio mixed audio for their pieces, which will be very valuable when they create flybys in their immersive environments. Fulldome Standards What are the standards for producing content for a digital planetarium? What are the standards for movies, live performances, and productions. What standards should be considered when creating content for the fulldome. Fulldome Special Effects Advanced techniques in CGI imaging of photography and animation. Advanced techniques in lighting like HDR. Interactivity and Games in the Fulldome Working with Games and interactive components in the fulldome is here, now is the time to think about building classes that consider these components as tools for digital media production. With the gaming industry as one of the leading industries, it will be a matter of time before fully immersive games are produced for fulldome and other immersive theaters. Having game building skills will be very useful in the near future for this industry I believe. The Panorama below is from one of my Summer of 2012 Students (approx 15) in the Immersive Landscapes 2 Class on Spherical Photography for the digital dome. She learned to take all these photos, over 175 and stitch them together and prepare them for the fulldome in just four days. They worked really hard and the results were amazing!

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