Thursday, July 19, 2012

STEM-A in the Fulldome Database

Check out the new article "STEM-A and Digital Fulldome Classes" published in the Fulldome Database on Immersive Landscapes (panoramic digital photography classes for youth) at Gates Planetarium in Denver. I (STEM-A) am so pleased and honored to be featured in the Fulldome Database, featuring an important discussion about immersive STEM education and the future of fulldome education. From the FDDB website: Jane Crayton – founder and director of STEM-A (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through Art) – is an independent new media and audio/visual artist and instructor working with interactive experimental art and collage. Back in February Crayton hosted the first fulldomeED forum at the 2012 IMERSA Summit and experienced a lot of interest in using the fulldome as an educational tool and teaching the students to use the tools to create for the fulldome. These days Jane is involved in teaching a course for middle and high school age students called Immersive Landscapes, which – uses STEM-A project based inquiry – focused on fulldome technologies. We got the chance to get in touch with her and interview her about the project: Continue reading the article on the FDDB website, here.

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